Vulnerabilty Scanning

Vulnerabilities emerge within networks, web applications and other services on a daily basis. These can be caused by software defects and misconfiguration, opening the doors to external threat actors. Vulnerability assessments help to identify areas for remediation to nominally reduce your organisation’s attack surface and improve your external security.

We use industry leading tools to first assess and identify the landscape of your external environment. Once established, publicly facing services are put through a number of intensive tests to gauge their response against a large database of known vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities are then enumerated and formulated into a report with forensic details and remediation advice from one of our in-house cyber security experts.

Vulnerability management is a drain on your IT team. Scans can take too long and vulnerabilities detected are often ambiguous or difficult to understand and prioritise. With our cyber security expertise, you will be able to gain continuous, focused and relevant visibility into your current attack surface. We also offer expert advice and consultancy to assist you with remediating discovered vulnerabilities.

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